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Fishing in Spain

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Fishing in the Amazon “Hunting for Caimans”

Tour program for 14 days

1 day.

We arrive in Rio de Janeiro, a city of contrast and celebration. Located in south-eastern Brazil and known as one of the most beautiful cities of South America, Rio lies on the shore of the uniquely beautiful Gulf of Guanabara. The Brazilians lovingly say “God created the world in six days, and on the seventh day he created Rio de Janeiro” It is no coincidence that Rio de Janeiro has the unofficial nickname the “Amazing City”, it is a location of many natural, historical and cultural beauties! On this trip you can experience both the excitement of this major city and the tranquility of the more remote areas of Brazil. You will meet with your guide at the airport before taking a flight to Cuiaba, the heart of South America. Cuiaba is located on the river of the same name, in an area where are three main geographical regions of Brazil- Amazonia, plains (Serrado) and marshlands (Pantanal) meet. To the south of the city there are the mountains of Chapada dos Guimarines – a mysterious place where the rocks and canyons seem to form a stone city in the wilderness.

Transfer to the hotel (Distance 140 km). The road we travel along during the transfer is on of the best in the world for observing wild animals. There are many lakes and dams located along the sides of the road and this life-giving water attracts all kinds of wildlife including: a multitude of birds, capybaras and caimans, marsh deer, and southern tamandua. On this road there is very little traffic so the wildlife is more relaxed often comes very close to passing vehicles. Even the bridges along the roadhouse entire colonies of bats beneath them. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to spot some of these exciting creatures on your trip to the hotel. Travel time ~ 3 – 4 hours.

Dinner. You are expected to be able to try many delicacies of Brazilian cuisine, both national and regional, these include but are not limited to: Meat dishes – Feijado, Sarapeteu, Embalaya, Aconao. Fish dishes – Jacare, Vatapi, Itapoa, Embalaya.Various soups and broths – Batata, Takako, and piranha soup. Famous desserts – Pave, Brigadeiro.

2 day.

Breakfast in the hotel before departing for the protected area of Pantanal – the world’s largest marshland. That is the humid heart of South America, this wonderful landscape boasts an endless mosaic of rivers, lakes, marshes, islands, jungles, abundant with huge white lilies. There are also shrubberies and wooded savannahs (known as “serrado”, in Portuguese).

Due to the high level of precipitation and humidity, the Pantanal resembles a giant sponge. This incredibly fertile corner of the globe, rightly baptized as the “South American Wild West” – is an amazing place  for both the observation and photography of wild animals. The sheer amount of creatures in this biodiverse patch of land is staggering: at least 80 species of large mammals (not including bats and small rodents), 650 different species of birds, 80 species of reptiles, at least 50 different species of amphibians and more than 300 species of fish. To return from there without a wealth of exciting impressions and memories is impossible. Here we willtake 2 local boats with a guide along the Cuiaba river to search for Paraguayan caimans to catch. Compared to its relatives, this crocodile is one of the smallest (although in some cases large individuals can reach a length of up to 3 meters). The territory of Pantanal is inhabited by at least about 10 million caimans, earning it the title of the largest cluster of crocodiles in the world. In some places, they occupy every free piece of riverbank and lakeside, where they lie head to head with one another, truly a sight to behold.

After searching for caimans we will have lunch at our cozy local hotel before continuing the hunt. You will then have the opportunity to see rare birds and animals listed in the Red Book – a peculiar sight of the region before dinner.

3 day.

Breakfast in the hotel. We will then continue hunting for caimans. After the morning expedition we will enjoy our spoils over a campfire lunch in the jungle with locals helping you to prepare some of the caiman you have caught. At this point anyone feeling extra adventurous has the option to take a guided walk through the jungle before returning to the hotel.

4 day.

After an early breakfast in the hotel we will transfer to Cuiaba airport to catch a flight to Alta Floresta (800 km). We will then make the 150km transfer to the hotel along fascinating jungle road which passes through the virgin jungle of the Amazon basin. Occasionally along the way you will be able to see the settlements of local residents. This picturesque road will take you safely to our next destination through a landscape of beautiful trees, numerous streams and exotic wildlife. The journey takes 4-5 hours and upon arriving at the hotel we will prepare our fishing gear for an early start the next day. If desired, a spot of night fishing can be organized to help decompress after the long journey.

5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 days.

During these 5 days, you are expected to travel to the southern tributaries of the Amazon – Rio Jurien, Rio Shingu, and Rio Iriri. These three tributaries range in length from 1000km-1980km and provide clear waters for enjoyable fishing. Over the course of these three days you will have the opportunity to catch a variety of local fish including: electric eel, stingrays, Piraiba (the largest species of South American catfish), Dzhau fish, perch “Peacock Eye”, Payara, Bikuda, Tukunara(a species of river pike perch), Kachorra, Candiru (aka fish-vampire), Barbado among plenty of others.

Lunch and dinner will either be at the hotel or as a picnic, depending on how far the fishing site is from the hotel. Once again, for an additional fee, a guided walk through the jungle can be arranged. This is the  time with the opportunity to meet the local population and take part in an anaconda search.

10 day.

A day for rest and recreation. After breakfast in the hotel we will return to the airport of Alta Floresta and from there back to the hotel in Cuiaba. The evening is free for recreation.

11 day.

Similarly on day 11 we will take a return flight to Rio de Janeiro and have the evening free for recreation.

12 day.

Breakfast in the hotel. Departure for a sightseeing tour around Rio de Janeiro. Stops on the tour include: the Statue of Christ the Redeemer on Mount Corcovado – the symbol of Rio de Janeiro, the Sugar Loaf – the second most popular observation deck in this extraordinary city, the famous staircase of Selaron, and the Cathedral of St. Sebastian – the patron saint of Rio de Janeiro. You will see the oldest streets, modern districts, and famous beaches, along with stunning mansions and the well-known favela slums.

13 day.

Breakfast in the hotel. For an additional fee an excursion to the Iguazu Falls can be arranged. After crossing theTancredo Neves Bridge across the Iguazu River you enter the National Park, an outstanding area of natural beauty with many magnificent waterfalls including the most famous and largest waterfall “Devil’s Throat”. The numerous man-made trails allow observers to view these natural phenomenon from a very close standpoint. We will also take a walk to the National Park and in order to admire the waterfalls from special observation platforms located high above them. Multiple jets of water form a huge number of waterfalls of various shapes and heights, over which hang multicolored rainbows, truly a once in a life time spectacle to witness. The national park covers an area of ​​55,500 hectares where unique flora and fauna are preserved. After the excursion we will return to the hotel and the evening is yours to explore the city.

14 day.

Breakfast. Airport transfer. End of the program.

The cost of the program includes:

  • Accommodation in the various hotels for 12 nights
  • Services of a Russian-speaking guide – accompanying person during the tour
  • Food indicated in the program (hotel meals)
  • Transfers to airport – hotel – airport according to the program
  • Equipment for hunting and fishing, bait
  • Services of a local guide
  • Trip on 2 local boats to hunt for caiman including fuel
  • Soft drinks and beer during fishing.
  • City tour of Rio de Janeiro

The cost of the program does not include:

  • Flight to Rio de Janeiro and back
  • Domestic flights (Rio de Janeiro – Cuiaba – Alta Floresta – Cuiaba – Rio de Janeiro)
  • Visas • Vaccinations • Tipping • Alcoholic beverages
  • Guided walks through the jungle while in Cuiaba and Alta Floresta
  • Laundry service
  • Iguazu Falls Tour

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Fishing in the Amazon “Hunting for Caimans”

Tour program for 14 days 1 day. We arrive in Rio de Janeiro, a city of contrast and celebration. Located in south-eastern Brazil and known…

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