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We give our clients a unique opportunity
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Montseratt is not just a mountain—it is the heart of Catalonia.


Do you want to see the real Spain? Do you want to learn its history, traditions, and culture? An amazing journey waits for you, which will reveal the secrets of the royal  greatness.

1st Day

Departure from the coast. The first city of our journey will be Zaragoza, forever associated with the name of the great Francisco Goya,.

We will visit the Basilica of Saint Pilar, where we will see the frescoes painted by Francisco Goya himself and learn about his amazing love for Cayetana Alba. You will have the opportunity to touch a pillar of jasper, which is said to release sins and dates to the 1st century, as well as see the Devil Pilar—the patroness and the main shrine of the Aragonese people.

Our journey will continue with arrival in the capital of the Kingdom of Spain—the majestic Madrid. Madrid is a city of unusual destiny. Originally a small village, Madrid became the capital of the Spanish Kingdom at the whim of King Philip II. The capital of fashion, culture, architecture and gastronomy does not leave anyone disappointed.

During the tour, we will see the Royal Palace, the Royal Theater, the Plaza Mayor (the main venue for the celebrations), and the famous Puertadel Sol—where, at least once in a lifetime, every Spaniard celebrates the New Year to the chiming clock. You will get to know the history of bullfighting, see Las Ventas, the largest square for bullfighting, and—of course—such symbols of the Spanish capital as the Gates of Alcala and the Fountain of Cibeles.

In your spare time, you can visit the famous Prado Museum or go to Corrida. Finally, you can finish the evening in one of the taverns listening to the incendiary flamenco.

2nd Day

At 8:30 in the morning, we will go to the Middle Ages. Toledo is not the head of the chronicle of Spain, but its living incarnation. Toledo sacredly stores its last secret, which can be understood only by personal experience, walking along its ancient streets and visiting one of the most beautiful and rich cathedrals in the world.

We will visit the famous factory of Toledo. The secret of Damascus steel is lost, but in Toledo it still exists. Toledo is an open-air museum, an encyclopedia of history and a city of arts. Three great cultures—Christian, Arab, and Jewish—coexisted for centuries within its walls. The aqueduct and the old fortifications were inherited from the Romans, mosques and gates from the Arabs, the Cathedral from the Castilian Kings. In your spare time, be sure to visit the Cathedral and the former hospital Santa Cruz, which is now a museum that stores 22 works by El Greco. On the journey back, we will visit the third largest city in Spain: Valencia, the country of oranges and the birthplace of paella.

Tour program

1 day

5:00 – Departure from the coast

8:30 – Stop for breakfast (optional)

10:00 – Arrival in Saragossa/Visit the St. Pilar Basilica/ Free time

13:30 – Stop for lunch (optional)

16:00 – Arrival in Madrid/Bus tour – Las Ventas, Gran Via, the fountain of the goddess Cybele

17:00 – Accommodation in a hotel in the center of Madrid

18:00-20:00 – A visit tthe PradMuseum (optional)

19:00 – A visit tthe bullfight (optional)

21:00 – Walking tour around Madrid – Royal Palace, Almudena Cathedral, Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol

2 day

7:00-8:00 – Breakfast in the hotel

8:30 – Transfer tToledo

9:00 – Stop at the observation deck Toledo/ Visit Damascus steel factory

10:30 – Walking tour of Toledo

11:30 – Free time (hospital, cathedral)

13:00 – Departure from Toledo

On the way back, at the request of the group, we can alsvisit Valencia and have a sightseeing tour there.

The price includes travel by comfortable bus, the excursion program, accommodation in a hotel of 2 and 3 bedrooms, and breakfast in the hotel.

Additional costs: lunches and dinners, surcharge for a single room (30 EUR), entrance tickets for bullfight (from 12 EUR), admission tickets tthe Cathedral of Toled(6 EUR).

Dnot forget tbring your passport!

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